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At Gentle Dog Trainers we are all about helping people build the best possible relationship with their dogs by educating readers on the most effective training techniques in todays world.

We’re on a mission to create an online information hub for people to come and learn everything they need to know about raising a confident & happy canine.

You may be after guidance on training techniques, or to learn about suitable products to purchase, whatever the case, we've got you covered.


Meet The Gentle Dog Trainers Team


Dr. Rosalie Dench - Veterinarian Adviser


Sharon Elber - Professional Dog Trainer & Lead Author


Vedrana Nikolic - Anthropologist & Author


Eloisa Thomas - Anthropologist & Author

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Our Approach To Product Reviews

Daze In Bed

Anonymous Ordering

Reviewed products are ordered anonymously so that we can form an unbiased opinion of the process.

We pay close attention to ordering and checkout, shipping, packaging and returns.

Daze With Dog Food

System Based Review Method

We have developed and implemented a systematic method of reviewing products.

Focusing on key areas that include quality, cost, sustainability and supporting local.

Daze Wearing Leash

Direct Product Comparisons

Through our system based review method we are able to provide honest and fair product comparisons based on the end to end consumer experience.

From ordering, shipping and product testing and reviews, we take the uncertainty out of purchases. 

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