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The Purina Dog Bed Review: Tested & Evaluated 2024

Written By Eloisa Thomas | Canine Coach, Double M.A in Anthropology.
Edited & Fact Checked By Renae Soppe | B.A Journalism & Science. 
Last Updated: 8th January 2024

Are you looking for an in-depth Purina dog bed review?

If you want to ensure your dog gets the best nighttime support, this brand might be for you. In today’s article, we cover everything you need to know about these high-end beds, and whether or not they’re the right fit for your pup.

  • Purina Petlife pet beds comprise an entire line with several beds for dogs of all sizes.
  • Their outdoor beds are easy to clean and offer an extra-padded surface for maximum comfort.
  • Petlife’s indoor range mostly uses odour-repellent fabric and memory fibre to relieve joint pressure.
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The Purina Dog Bed 2024 Review








Materials 4/5

Purina Petlife dog beds feature sturdy, polyester-based materials with some nice add-ons to keep your pooch comfy year-round. While the specific materials used depend on the model, there are some distinctive features that might interest you:

Memory foam cushion:

The majority of Petlife’s bedding, except the outdoor series, has memory foam filling either partially or spanning the entire bed. Memory foam has become a popular addition to dog beds in recent times. This dense material adjusts to your dog’s body and helps relieves the pressure accumulated on joints and muscles. If you have a senior dog, memory foam can help them sleep better, especially if they’re starting to show arthritis signs. However, for dogs that prefer extra support and firm surfaces, memory foam might not be the way to go.

Anti-odour covers:

Some Pet life dog beds have odour-repelling technology that will help keep your dog’s bedding fresh. Many dog owners mention their Purina bedding smells better for longer, compared to other "odourless" dog beds in the market. This brand incorporates silver ions into the fabric to keep smell away. Silver has been used for centuries to kill bacteria and stop microbes from living in certain surfaces, like wounds or medical devices. Since the 90s, manufacturers have been making silver-infused fabric that handle constant sweat and smell less over the long term. In fact, according to historical research:

Silver was the most important antimicrobial agent available before the introduction of antibiotics. – PhD. J. Wesley Alexander [1]

As such, silver-infused dog bed covers keep smells at bay and might even space out wash days. This is especially useful if your dogs spend a lot of time sleeping indoors and the beds will be somewhere visible and exposed. Keep in mind the silver nanoparticles wash out every time you use detergent on the covers, so any anti-odour properties will stay for around 3 to 40 washes depending on the cycle you use, detergent and water temperature.

Self-warming technology:

Some Petlife products feature self-warming fabric. This special material has heat-reflecting properties that keep your pup warm. While you can find electrical dog beds that warm through a heat cable, many people don’t like the thought of using electricity to heat up their dog. The problem with plugged heat mats is that your dog might overheat or even burn themselves, and they’re also a fire hazard if left unattended. In fact, according to DVM Tony Johnson:

A heating pad can cause very painful and difficult-to-treat burns in both people and pets. I have seen many pets receive serious burns, some requiring many painful and costly surgeries or skin grafting over several weeks to return to function. All of these injuries are eminently avoidable. – Vet. Tony Johnson [2]

In contrast, Purina’s self-heating beds use specific fibres that reflect your dog’s own heat, ensuring they stay cosy but never overheat. Self-heating fabric is also washable, and they stay as efficient as the first day regardless of how many times you put them through the wash.

Iron frame:

This sturdy material is used only the outdoor bed range. The frame keeps your dog’s body away from the ground, helping them stay cool even in the middle of our harsh summers. Petlife’s beds have powder-coated iron frames, meaning it’ll keep its colour and won’t rust even if it stays outside every day.

While the above materials are found only in certain products of the range, this brand uses polyester blend fabrics in all their beds. This type of fabric handle stains better and offer some water-resistant capabilities.

Because we appreciate the technologies used in their bedding line, we’re giving Purina Pet life dog beds 4 out of 5 in this category.

Washability 4/5

Since odours and nasty stains are non-avoidable when sharing our life with a four-legged friend, we think this category is especially important. Because really, what’s the point in getting the best bed, if we can’t wash it at all?

Purina Petlife bedding is washable, although the specifics depend on each model. For example, their framed outdoor beds can be hosed off and left to drip dry. In contrast, their mattresses and plush beds have removable covers that can be washed on the washing machine or by hand.

Keep in mind you should always let the bed covers air-dry and avoid soaking, ironing or tumble drying. These harsher drying methods could damage the fabric and strip it from some of its properties. In case you want to really sanitize it, or it still has a smell after washing, set it in the sun for a while. The heat and light will kill any remaining bacteria.

Before washing too often, remember that some features, like anti-odour, only last for a certain amount of washing cycles (generally, between 30 and 50 washes).

In general, Petlife’s washing recommendations are standard for dog beds and most dog owners can easily fit this cleaning routine in their schedule. However, if you have several dogs or want to wash several covers at once, you might need something that can be tumble dried or simply get the outdoor beds that just need to be hosed down.

Given the washable covers still need to be treated carefully and it might take a while to get used to the care regime if you’re washing several at once, we’re taking off 1 star.

Looks 4/5

Purina Petlife total care dog beds have several options adapted to your dog’s needs, but also your home’s décor. Of course, most of their models still look like a dog bed, but they come in neutral shades or interesting textures that could fit your home.

On top of the typical black or brown dog bed, you can also find other colours like olive green, taupe, or blue. Some models also have stitching detailing that mimics quilts, soft suede lining or contrasting piping in the corners to give structure and visual appeal to the beds.

The outdoor range has more conventional looks that fit a patio or veranda, although they still look like a dog bed and won’t blend-in with your outdoor furniture.

In general, we think Petlife bedding system dog beds are reasonably attractive and will fit most interiors with ease. Since there’s nothing especially beautiful or interesting to look at, we’re taking off 1 star.

Comfort 5/5

When it comes to comfort, Petlife bedding hits the mark. Most pups thoroughly enjoy these beds, and you’ll probably find some options that fit your dog’s needs.

Purina offers two main cushioning types: regular and orthopaedic. Their regular line is plush and usually includes memory fibre. In contrast, orthopaedic products have a thicker mattress, with or without memory foam, targeted at senior pups. Since older dogs need some extra joint support, the thicker mattress relieves the pressure from their joints and makes it easier for them to rest.

On top of the cushioning options, they offer self-warming dog beds if your pup tends to be cold in the winter. Many owners have used the self-warming beds with success, and years after purchasing they’re still going strong.

Lastly, you can also get their Airtech mattresses. This mixes an air mattress with a memory foam cushion and makes for a firm and supportive dog bed. While some dogs can only sleep in cushion-type beds, the firm surface helps release tension and prevent injury. This line would be a good idea if your pup likes to sleep on the floor and doesn`t particularly enjoy super plush cushions.

We’re giving this brand 5 stars in this category.

Durability 3/5

Owners aren’t especially thrilled with the durability of these beds.

There have been some claims about the strength of the stitching, particularly their sofa-type and mattress bedding. While small to medium-sized dogs don’t seem to have any issues, large and giant dogs tend to put more pressure on the stitching and cause the beds to come undone.

PRO TIP: The stitching in Petlife dog beds isn’t too durable, especially if you have a large dog.

If the stitching starts unravelling you can always contact your retailer or Purina, and they’ll generally send out a new one to replace the damaged one. However, keep in mind this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For this price, we’d expect not only an extra-sturdy product, but also strong customer service to fix any damage due to poor construction. From what we’ve gathered, replacements aren’t always possible and there are no guarantees.

Purine does offer chew-resistant beds made from stronger fabrics and with reinforced stitching, but even those seem to have average durability. We’re taking off 2 stars because the stitching issues seem to span across all products.

Variety 4/5

As we’ve already mentioned, Petlife beds have several lines to choose from. There’s the regular and ortho line, which differ in the cushioning type and are meant to be used indoors. On top of this, you have either indoor or outdoor dog beds. For indoor use, there are both mattress-type and regular plush beds that can be used on their own or inside a kennel.

PRO TIP: Petlife beds have both indoor and outdoor options.

Outside beds are elevated, and feature an iron frame that holds your dog’s weight. It’s important to mention they also have a click-and-go outdoor bed made for traveling, which is meant to make trips easier. Keep in mind some models are on the smaller side even though they’re meant for large dogs, so make sure to read the actual measurements before buying online.

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Overall, we appreciate the large variety offered and in general, you should find a bed suited to your dog’s needs.

Price 2/5

While most dog beds tend to be expensive, these are particularly so. In fact, for the price of one you could easily buy one or more large bags of premium dog food.

Of course, a good dog bed can be considered an investment, especially if it’s meant to last for years to come. However, Petlife beds have some issues with stitching that can significantly shorten their life. In our opinion, this doesn’t fit their hefty price tag, so we’re taking off 3 stars because of it.

Does Purina Pet Life Offer Replacement Bed Covers?

This brand only offers replacement covers for their alfresco deluxe bed. This replacement offers an extra-padded sleep area and heavy-duty fabric to make it last for longer even if your dog stays outside all day long.

However, if you have any other model you won’t be able to find a branded replacement cover and might have to replace the whole bed altogether.

Don’t Buy If…

While this brand offers some great options for many dogs, it might not be the right choice if you

  • Have a very large dog: these beds run small, and owners of large and giant breeds might have a hard time finding a good size for their pup.
  • Need an extra sturdy bed: like we’ve already mentioned, this brand seems to have some trouble reinforcing seams. While this isn’t a big deal for small to medium-sized dogs, larger pups put more stress on the seams and several owners report some of them coming undone.

The Verdict

This brand offers some great options for your dog. We really like the use of memory foam and the ortho beds meant for senior dogs. However, all beds are pretty expensive and you might not have it in your budget to spend so much, especially given the stitching issues with large dogs. If you can afford it and you have a small dog, we’d recommend you get one!

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