Fur King Dog Grooming Clippers reviewed.

An Honest Review Of Fur King Pet Grooming Clippers

Written By Olivia De Santos | Canine Coach, Professional Writer & Video Content Creator.
Edited & Fact Checked By Renae Soppe | Double B.A Journalism & Science. 
Last Updated: 11th January 2024

Looking for a reliable pair of grooming clippers for your dog? I got my hands on the Fur King Grooming Clippers to review and I was seriously impressed. Here is my honest review of how the clippers performed and all the specs you need to know!

Disclaimer: This post is unsponsored however the product was sent to me on a complimentary basis for review. That said, I have reviewed the product honestly and can guarantee I have used the product first-hand. If you choose to use our link to purchase the clippers, we get a small kickback to support the blog. If you love what we do and these grooming clippers sound like a good fit for your pup, consider supporting us by using our link.

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers At A Glance



  • Fast charging
  • Though it’s quiet, still might be loud for some dogs
  • Comfortable to use
  • Better suited for at-home use rather than professionals
  • Wireless grooming clippers
  • Precise clipping at home
  • Highly portable
  • Australian brand

The Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers are more than just clippers. It’s a complete grooming kit that is suitable for at-home use.

The clippers themselves have an ergonomic cordless design, containing a rechargeable built-in battery, power display and sharp ceramic blade. The ceramic blade ensures better durability than steel.

The kit comes with 4 guard combs that are suitable for different fur lengths. There is also a metal comb with fine teeth and wider teeth for detangling. You get a little duster for wiping away excess hairs off of the blade after use. You also get a pair of grooming scissors which are always handy.

For extra protection, the product comes with a 12 month warranty. Fur King is known to have solid customer service that will help if you have any issues with the product at all.

This kit was designed for dog owners wanting to groom their pups are home or on the go. 

So that’s the overview. Let’s into the main review!

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers In-Depth Review

I am nothing if not thorough! So I’ve divided this review into sections. You can skip to the parts that are most relevant to you or read the whole thing (which I recommend) to get a full picture of how these grooming clippers perform.

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers Review


Design and comfort

Cleaning and maintenance


Value for money

Performance - 5/5*

So how did these grooming clippers perform when put to the test?

Honestly, I have no complaints! The battery was charged straight out of the box and the system is easy to use. You can flick it on with one hand and get to work straight away.

The blade is sharp and clean. I started with a few short cuts around the collar line and saw how easily the blade sliced through the extra fluff.

The combs are easy to clip on and provide a good guide. However, I didn’t need them for my dog’s short hair and the area I was clipping. You’re more likely to need them with longer-haired breeds or other dogs with high grooming needs. (1)

This brings me to an important caveat.

So why do I have an asterisk on my 5/5 review if I only have good words to say?

Well, I didn’t have the opportunity to try these clippers on a long-haired dog breed. As a trustworthy reviewer, I can’t give a full personal review for dogs with long or thicker hair. However, I did my due diligence to give such a high rating – just look at the reviews and photos! Fur King has so many excellent reviews from owners with long-haired dog breeds that I still feel confident recommending these clippers.

Given how precise and powerful they are, I can see them making lightwork to medium-weight long dog hair like Terriers. I can’t personally attest to their effectiveness with super thick double coats like those of German Shepherds.

Suitability for beginners

I want to quickly create a section for beginner at-home dog groomers here. Hello to you!

It happens to all of us. Perhaps in the beginning we rely on professional dog groomers, but then due to cost or global viruses, we need an at-home solution.

But clipping your own dog’s hair is terrifying the first time! And yet, we know we have to do it as it’s so important for our dog’s emotional and physical health. (2)

I know the feeling of intimidation when searching for a pair of clippers and learning how to use them, so it helps to have an easy product to use.

In all honesty, I’ve never used an easier grooming clipper system than this one. It has one button with two speeds. You can operate it all with one hand. It’s a nimble system that reaches into awkward armpits and backs of knees.

The user manual isn’t all that thorough for beginner use. If you want to learn how to use pet grooming clippers, I advise looking at videos on YouTube or taking a dog grooming course.

I’m no expert dog groomer and I still found the clippers simple to use. I can confidently say the Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers are beginner-friendly.

Design and comfort - 5/5

Let’s start with the comfort for the user.

The thing I was most impressed by when using these clippers was the comfort. It is a super light system weighing only 218 grams. It makes movement effortless.

The slimline design fits into my hand perfectly – and I have quite large hands! It felt like an extension of my arm to wade through my dog’s hair.

The lightness of the clippers meant that I didn’t have any extra effort lifting or contorting the blade into harder-to-reach places or angles.

There is a slight vibration but it’s minor. Nothing uncomfortable or startling when you switch the clippers on.

Switching the clippers on and off can be done with one hand. So overall, the ergonomics are pretty stellar here.

Now for the comfort of the dog!

My Pip is quite twitchy at times, but he didn’t find the close shave of the clippers at all uncomfortable. He wasn’t too afraid of the sound but it did bother him a tad.

I’d say it’s good for most dogs as the hum of the clippers is quite quiet – quieter than clippers I’d used in the past.

That said, perhaps hypersensitive dogs will need some desensitisation before using these clippers (or any for that matter).

Cleaning and maintenance - 4/5

Let’s move on to cleaning and maintenance. To keep these grooming clippers working the best they can, you’ll need to reset them properly.

The first part of that is the battery. The clippers have a rechargeable battery built into the main system. It’s a li-ion battery that charges simply with a USB charger. You get a charging cord and plug included in the kit.

The clippers came fully charged when I opened the box and were ready to go. It was at 80% when I finished using it, so I’d say the charge will last one or two full-hour sessions.

Regardless of how long the battery may last, there’s no guesswork involved! The battery life is clearly displayed in blue on the front of the clippers so you never have to wonder when it might need a top-up.

It took around 15 minutes to charge it back to its full glory so it may take an hour or so to charge from an empty battery.

This is all impeccably handy for such a portable device.

As for cleaning, the kit comes with a tiny black brush for dusting away excess hairs. You’ll need to do a thorough clean every so often to prevent the blades from getting clogged. The same goes for the comb guides.

How often you’ll need to clean the blade highly depends on the type of dog you have. As I have a short-haired dog, I could get away with using the duster for 20 seconds and it was clean. This may not be the case if you have the unruliest of Portuguese Water Dogs with an awe-inspiring afro. Your mileage may vary. However, it’s not any more hard work cleaning these than other at-home dog grooming clippers on the market.

Shipping - 5/5

Fur King offers free and reasonable shipping within Australia. You get a tracking number and your shipment will likely arrive within the next 1-2 business days if ordered before midday. All products ship from Fur King’s warehouse in Sydney.

It comes shipped n a small box including all of the items neatly packed and a user manual.

Value for money - 4/5

Of course, budget is all relative. But let me give you some context on roughly how much you can expect to spend on grooming clippers in Australia.

A good set of dog grooming clippers for at-home use will cost you between $90 and $150.

It’s fair to say that the Fur King model is at the higher end of the spectrum. However, there are a few things that make the Kur King clippers better value for money than some of the other products we’ve reviewed:

  1. Ceramic blades

    Ceramic is a much more expensive material to use than stainless steel. It remains cool throughout a grooming session as it isn’t conducive to heat. It also tends to be more durable long term. 
  2. Wireless use

    A set of cordless grooming clippers is always worth the extra investment just for convenience. The charge will last you one or more grooming sessions which are handy for every situation.

So, despite being on the higher end of the spectrum for grooming clippers, these factors tip the scales for me when it comes to value for money.

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers Is Not For Your Dog If…

Your dog has super fine hair

Even though the 4 comb attachments are helpful and the blade itself is quite fine, I wouldn’t personally recommend these clippers to dog owners of fine-haired dogs. Yes, my Pip has short hair but each strand is quite thick. So we were still able to benefit from tidying up the collar line. If your dog’s hair is long and fine or short and fine, these clippers may be trickier to control.

You’re on a tight budget

Though these clippers are good value for money when looking at the quality of the build, I totally appreciate they may be out of budget for some people. If you’re after a more budget option, check out our reviews of dog clippers on the Australian market.

That said: these clippers are way cheaper than a professional dog grooming session – just saying!

You’re a professional dog groomer*

If you’re on dog grooming professional, these clippers still have some value. They are quite precise and their lightweight nature makes them easy to use. However, if you want a super powerful grooming kit set for large, thick coats, this may not be for you. Fur King designed these dog hair grooming clippers for at-home use or portable use.

Professionals: these are great for at shows or while travelling but you might want a different model for your main work.

The Final Verdict: Should You Buy These Clippers?

So would I buy these clippers? Absolutely! I found a good use for them. The precision of the blade is highly appreciated given that I have a short-haired dog. The stellar reviews on the Fur King website show how effective they are for long-haired breeds too, such as Terriers and Poodles.

TLDR: What did I think of the Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers? Overall, I found them to be a reliable, precise grooming tool with fast charging and relatively quiet sound. Might not be the best for professionals but pros on the go will appreciate these too.

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Olivia De Santos

Olivia De Santos is Gentle Dog Trainers Canine Coach, Professional Writer and Video Content Creator.

Olivia has over 10 years of experience writing professionally and is a dog Mum to Pip, her Podengo and Blue, her Flat-coated Retriever. She loves writing pieces to help people to be better dog owners.

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