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Australian Dog Names - 47 Unique Aussie Options

What better way to celebrate your dog’s Aussie heritage than to give them one of these Aussie dog names. Here we have a mix of nature names, Aboriginal names, geographical names and even just fun words we use regularly in our fine country. 

Before we dive in, however, I want to briefly touch on how to name your dog properly. Believe it or not, there is a science to it!

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How To Name Your Dog

Whether you have a puppy or are adopting an adult dog, it’s worth knowing the science behind naming. Following these golden rules will make naming your dog so much easier.

Keep their name short

My dogs are called Blue and Pip. These are short, easy words to remember. If your dog’s name has more than two syllables, you can shorten it for day-to-day use. So “Penelope” become “Penny” or “Pen”.

Focus on hard consonants

Hard consonant sounds like P, K and D are better for grabbing your dog’s attention.

Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist Patricia McConnell advises Pet Helpful, “the reason why dogs seem to respond best to these consonants is that they tend to produce a more "broadband" sound (similar to the noise emitted by a clicker) compared to others. These sounds, therefore, create more energy and are more likely to act as attention grabbers.” (1)

It works best if these consonants are at the beginning of the name.

Vowel sounds are pleasing to the ears

“eee” and “ooo” sound nice to canine ears. Using these effectively in your dog’s name helps grab attention. Try to avoid consonant heavy names with no long vowels. 

Easy for kids to pronounce 

One of the Aussie dog names we’ll suggest is Acacia. Super pretty! But also quite difficult for a toddler to say. If you have young children, involve them in the naming process so you have a name for your dog that the whole family can use.

Don’t use words that are too close to commands

“Blue” is a good name because it can’t be confused with any other frequent doggy commands I may use. You don’t want to name your dog any name that rhymes with: 

  • sit
  • down
  • paw
  • stay
  • no
  • come
  • heel

Top 13 Australian Female Dog Names


Acacia is a native Australian tree. They have beautiful flowers and grow in interesting shapes. This is an adorable name for your female dog as a nod to Aussie nature. 


The name of the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide, has been around well before the city was conceived. Adelaide is actually named after Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen in 1836. The name has a German origin and means “noble/nobility”.


An Australian icon in the summer time. The natural landmine of foot hurting proportions, this prickly weed is actually from South Africa but is synonymous with Australian life.


Brindabella National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in all of Australia. It’s a fun and easy name to give your dog. You can simplify it too. “Brinda” or “Bella” are equally lovely names or nicknames for your pup.


National treasure and Academy award-winning actress, Cate Blanchett, is the namesake of this cute dog name.


Coral is a lovely name for a bright and happy-go-lucky female dog. It’s a bubbly name that honours the great natural wonder we have right on our doorstep. Coral is also an easy name for dogs to remember.


Everyone knows and loves the adventure of Finding Nemo and the best part was the wonderful backdrop of Sydney, Australia.


A cuddly pup deserves a cuddly name like “Koala”. The name stems from Dharug (Sydney Aboriginal language). The root is “gula” which means “no water”. This is because koalas drink very little since the eucalyptus trees they eat have such high water content. It’s an adorable name for any snuggly dog.


Merry merry king of the bush is he! These giggling birds are native Australians. As a name, it’s fun and joyous. “Kookaburra” will suit a bubbly, energetic dog with a goofy streak!


Matilda is probably better known nowadays as the British super-powered protagonist penned by Roald Dahl. But the original Aussie origin for the name is the poem/song Waltzing Matilda.


The myrtle tree comes from the Greek word “myrtos”, which means “sprig”. It has delicate, beautiful flowers. It represents love, luck and prosperity. What a wonderful namesake for your darling pooch!


This one needs no explanation! Give your little Sheila a name fit for a lady.


Another name for the Acacia - a very famous native Australian plant known for its bright yellow/gold flowers.

Top 14 Australian Male Dog Names


Banjo is short for Banjo Patterson, Australia’s most famous poet. Waltzing Matilda was his most famous poem.


Don’t want to be swimming when there are any Bruce’s about. A common term used by the Australian surfing community to describe large sharks, mainly Great Whites.


The signature Chinese spring roll copy is a delicious snack with a cute name. This is a great name for a dog because it’s so easy to remember. Dogs do best with two-syllable names. (2)

Didge (short for Didgeridoo)

Didge is a fun name for a dog and is short for didgeridoo. This aboriginal wind instrument was developed thousands of years ago by native tribes. It is even rumoured to be the oldest musical instrument in the world! The reason I put this under male dog names and not aboriginal dog names is that the name “didgeridoo” is not actually used in tribal languages today. Each tribe has a unique word for the instrument. Give your dog the honour of being named after this ancient piece of Australian culture.


Most of us know “digger” as a slang term for soldier. This can be a great name for a strong, muscly dog. But I love the double-entendre here. Maybe your dog really is a “digger” in the traditional sense of the word. It’s a fun name from all angles.


Grom, short for grommet, has a few meanings that make it perfect for your pup. It’s ideal for a seafaring pooch given the surfer connotation. But you also have Wallace and Grommet as the lovable British owner and dog duo. It’s a sweet, memorable name with multiple layers of meaning.


Hobart, Tasmania, is Australia’s second oldest capital city, next to Sydney. As a name for your dog, it sounds regal and elegant.


This is another kitsch choice. Naming your pup after Hugh Jackman is quite funny. The traditional Germanic root of the name Hugh means “mind/spirit”.


Maybe your pup is as cuddly as a baby kangaroo. Joey is the perfect name for them in that case. It’s also a short and sweet name that won’t easily be confused with other commands.


The name Marley was popularised for dogs after the 2008 film, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. But in Australia, Marley is a beautiful, unspoilt beach located in the Royal National Park near Sydney. This name is a nod to one of our natural wonders. Any beach loving pooch will suit the name Marley.


Short for Ned Kelly. One of the last Aussie bushrangers, he was a famous outlaw and leader of the Ned Kelly Gang famous for his bulletproof armour during his final shootout with the police.


Who could forget Nemo from this list? A classic movie about a missing fish lost in the waterways of Sydney.


Short for Australia, “Oz” wasn’t always embraced by Australians as a moniker. It’s actually more used outside of Australia than inside. But it’s a fun name with roots in the early 19th Century.


“Taz” is simply short for Tasmania. It’s a wonderful name for a dog because it is short and memorable. If you have young children, they’ll easily be able to say your dog’s name too!

Top 10 Australian Unisex Dog Names


It’s somewhat ironic to name a dog after something that will probably kill them. “Chocolate” is a bad name because there are four syllables. But “Choccy” is an adorable name that works for male and female dogs alike.


Coogee is a New South Wales beach town. It’s known for its chill vibes and smooth waves. This is a great unisex dog name for a chill Aussie pup.


Emus are the second largest living bird in the world. Native to Australia, these kicking, head-butting, long necked marvels are crazy creatures with spritely temperaments. If you have a wild dog at home, “Emu” may be the name for them!


Kakadu National Park is part of the fabric of Australia. It’s the largest national park here and one of the world’s largest tropical reserves. Because the word has so many vowel sounds, it’s easy for dogs to remember.


Your dog may not be a New Zealander, but this nickname is a lovely Aussie dog name. It’s lighthearted, layered in meaning and fun to say.


Despite the Russian name, Pav, short for Pavlova, is very much an Australian dessert. The namesake is from the Russian ballerina Pavlova, but it was invented in Oz in the 1900's. Give the gift of a sweet name to a sweet dog!


Short for kangaroo, this is a fabulous Australian dog name. It’s very popular too. This is because it’s easy to say and remember. It’s also a nod to our Australian heritage without being too on the nose.


Isn’t it funny how so many people still think that Sydney is the capital of Australia? It may not be the capital but it’s still pretty old and important. Sydney is a unisex Australian dog name that instantly signals that your dog is a proud Aussie.


I love this name! Vegemite is a love it or hate it kind of thing. You may want to shorten the name for day to day use, like “Veg” or "Mite".


Wallabies are small, powerful and intimate creatures. It’s a very cute name to give your dog. Despite having three syllables, the vowel mix also makes it relatively easy for your pup to remember.

Top 10 Australian Aboriginal Dog Names


Aari means “mountain of strength” in aboriginal Australian languages. It is often given as a boy’s name.


Amarina is a female Australian dog name meaning “rain”.


Bardo is pronounced bar-du. It comes from the indigenous Dharug language and means “water”.


“Cooee”, interestingly enough, has been co-opted all over the world but has retained its original meaning. It comes from the indigenous Dharug language and is a call for attention. In short, it means “come here”. It’s a great name for dogs because of the vowel usage. Very easy for dogs to recall.


“Galah” is the word used for the red-breasted cockatoo. It’s a short name that works well for dogs. The word for the white cockatoo - “Corella” - is equally pretty but a little trickier for dogs to understand.


If you name your Australian dog Kylie, most likely people will assume she is named after Kylie Minogue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! Kylie is a pretty name. But the true origin is the indigenous language Nyungar. “Kiley” was the name given to a boomerang. It has since evolved into meaning cheerful or bubbly as a girl’s name. It’s a perfect name or a bright, happy-go-lucky female dog.


Mandu in aboriginal Australian means “sun”. It’s a great unisex Australian dog name for any dog with a sunny outlook.


Migaloo means “ghost, spirit or white fella” in several aboriginal languages in Australia. In recent years, it has taken on a new meaning as the only pure white humpback whale alive today is named Migaloo too. (3) He has been spotted off the coast of Queensland several times in the past 20 years. So “Migaloo” could be apt for a large or extra-large dog as well as a ghostly white one.


“Miki” means “moon” in the Nyungar language from Western Australia. It can also mean “month”.


Tidda is an amazing name for your Australian dog because it has two syllables. It means “sister” in many aboriginal languages. It’s also used to refer to female friends. (4) Giving your female dog this name shows your kinship with them - a member of the family.

Naming Your Aussie Dog

Giving your dog an Australian name is a nice nod to their heritage as well as having more unique options than Fido and Rover. We hope this guide helped you discover some fun new potential dog names for your pooch.

Let us know your favourites in the comments!


Can you rename an adult dog?

You can rename an adult dog in theory, but it may take some time. It very much depends on how old they are and if they have their full faculties. For example, my retriever is now 15 years old and a little hard of hearing. Someone would be hard pressed to try and teach her a new name at this point in her life.

However, we have adopted a 2-year-old dog and renamed him. It took a few months, but he did eventually associate his new name with himself.

If you can, keep the old name. It helps cut down on confusion.


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