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How Much Are Australian Shepherds? A Cost Breakdown

Written By Vedrana Nikolic | Canine Coach, B.A Ethnology & Anthropology, M.A Semiotics.
Edited & Fact Checked By Renae Soppe | B.A Journalism & Science. 
Last Updated: 16th January 2024

Thinking about welcoming a new canine companion into your home? If you fell in love with Australian Shepherds, we can’t blame you – they are truly wonderful dogs.

But how do you get one as a pet in Australia? How much are Australian Shepherds?

Keep reading to find out about all the factors that go into the Australian Shepherd puppy price.

Australian Shepherds in Australia

So, let’s get one thing out of the way first - Australian shepherds are not really an Australian native dog breed. Although they are often called Aussies, the dog breed was actually developed in the US during the 19th century. The history of the breed is a bit unclear, but the name might have to do with Australian sheep. You might have already known this, but many people make the mistake of believing the Australian Shepherd to be an actual Aussie, which it isn’t.

Not that it matters that much. Either way, Australian Shepherds are fairly common in Australia these days, with registered breeders in pretty much every part of the country. They might not be as popular as some other working dog breeds, but they are definitely around.

After all, the Australian Shepherd is a dog that loves the outdoors, and can fit in perfectly with life in Australia, whether as a working dog or just a faithful companion.

Aussie Shepherd lying down.

Australian Shepherd Price

Let’s get down to business - how much does an Australian Shepherd puppy cost in Australia? At the time of writing this article:

  • Australian Shepherd puppy prices ranged from $1000 to $5000.
  • However, a more realistic range is $2000 - $3000.

Of course, these numbers can change over time depending on the demand for and popularity of the breed in a specific location. But, if the price is a concern - and even if it isn’t, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting a puppy instead of buying (more on that below).

As for Australian Shepherd puppies from registered breeders, there are a couple of factors that can influence the price. First of all, there is the reputation of the breeder. It’s always best to go with reputable breeders that put the animal’s needs first - even if it means paying a higher price.

Then, there is the pedigree. Dogs that come from especially esteemed lines will often cost more. Those are dogs that have ancestors who are champions that won shows or herding competitions. All dogs have unique personalities and getting a puppy with super cool parents doesn’t guarantee anything, but it is often considered important in the world of show dogs.

Finally, the colour of the puppy’s coat can also play a role when it comes to the price. This is not often discussed openly, but some colours are simply more popular than others and breeders know customers will pay more for those. For example, merle Aussies are super popular due to their unique look.

How Do I Find an Australian Shepherd Breeder?

As you probably know, you can do a simple Google search for “desired breed + puppy + your location” and you’ll most likely find plenty of ads online. But, it’s important to do your research and not simply go with the first result you get. That way, you can support reputable breeders that care about animal welfare and are not just puppy mills.

“A registered breeder should have a Breeder Identification Number (BIN) and be a member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). The ANKC is the national breeder body in Australia. Each State of Australia will have their own State body that are also members of the ANKC.” - Dr. Mischelle Wong BVSc (1)

In the best-case scenario, you should be able to meet the breeder (and the dogs) in person and develop a relationship of trust. They should be able to give you all the information you need and support you throughout the process (2).

Adopting an Australian Shepherd

If you are just looking for a faithful companion and not a show dog, it’s always a good idea to consider adopting a puppy (or even an older dog) instead of buying one. Providing a pup from a shelter with a warm home and loving family gives you some serious karma points.

For starters, you can check out the directories at and, or check for any local rescue organisations in your area. You might get lucky and find an Australian Shepherd in need of a home, or maybe a cross-breed or a similar breed will steal your heart.

Is Australian Shepherd the Right Breed for Me?

Australian Shepherds are wonderful companions. While they were originally created to be working dogs, they are becoming more and more popular as pets due to their stunning looks and friendly character.

But, if you are contemplating adding an Aussie to your family, make sure to think about the needs of the breed. Aussies are dogs that crave action. They need a good dose of both physical and mental stimulation on a regular basis, so they are not really apartment dogs. If that fits into your lifestyle, though, you’ll have a great time with an Australian Shepherd by your side.

Check out our breed cost breakdowns below:


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Vedrana Nikolic

Vedrana Nikolić is Gentle Dog Trainers Canine Coach, Professional Writer, Anthropologist & dog lover.

With a Masters Degree in Semiotics & Bachelors Degree in Anthropology, studying the communication between animals and humans, Vedrana is able to use her expertise to analyse and review dog products and write informative posts on canine behaviour and training.

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