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5 Father's Day Present Ideas For Aussie Dog Dads

Written By Olivia De Santos | Canine Coach, Professional Writer & Video Content Creator.
Edited & Fact Checked By Renae Soppe | Double B.A Journalism & Science. 
Last Updated: 8th January 2024

Firstly, it always seems to creep up on you, doesn’t it? It feels like a missed opportunity to not put both major parent-honouring holidays one week after the other. Then we would all remember!

Secondly, what do you even buy a father? I cannot be the only person who has meekly wrapped a pair of chunky socks every year for my entire gifting life. My Dad smiles sweetly and never complains.

But this year is going to be different! For the dog-loving dads in your life and proud dog parents, this is for you. I present you the ultimate gift list for doggy Dads.

The Best Father's Day Gifts For Dog Dads

1. Dog DNA Test

Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dog Sitting

Dog DNA tests are quite interesting! We’ve all seen the adverts on social media for us to spit in a glass vial and send it off to an anonymous lab. All your secret ancestry is laid bare.

Dog DNA tests are just as fascinating. You can discover different things about a dog using these tests. For example, if your dog Dad has a rescue pup and is unsure what breed they are, this could be a great gift! He’ll finally discover exactly what breed his pooch is and that may help with health and development issues down the line.

There are dog DNA tests that serve as health screeners. They can let your doggy Dad know if any surprises are waiting around the corner. Is their pooch more susceptible to certain ailments? A bit morbid, sure, but ultimately quite helpful.

You can also find out a dog’s lineage. This is quite the Father’s Day offering for a dog dad with boundless curiosity about their pup. If the health and happiness of their dog is front and centre in their lives, any dog parent will adore this gift!

2. Custom Portrait of Your Dog

Dog Portrait

If you are looking for the ultimate Father’s Day dog offering, you can’t go wrong with a custom portrait.

There is a myriad of customised dog paraphernalia on the market. Socks, phone cases, t-shirts, fridge magnets just to name a few.

But few things create the same emotional resonance and long-lasting heartwarming as a custom portrait of the dog. You can choose an artist with a very distinctive style if you know the person you are buying for will like it. Alternatively, a simple pencil sketch never fails.

All you need to do is find an artist and send a couple of photos of the dog. It’s always best to send more than one photo so that the artist can choose what best fits their style of drawing. I find that it’s best to give a little artistic freedom to produce the best work when commissioning artists.

For bonus points, you can even send photos of the dog Dad and their pup together. However, be wary of your chosen artists’ limitations. Some people are incredibly skilled at drawing animals but struggle with humans, or vice versa.

By commissioning an artist directly, you’re also supporting a small independent creator. This is a huge factor if you want to start shopping small more often.

The only downside to getting a custom portrait of a dog is the high cost. This is likely one of the most expensive Father’s Day gifts on the list. If you’re anything like me, you may want to make up for the years of grey socks, so the expense is not too bad. But this is not the option for you if you’re on a budget!

3. Dog Camera

Dog Camera

Lastly, let’s talk about overprotective doggy fathers. We all know them!

The dog Dads that constantly fret over their dog’s safety and only trust certain people to care for them. Or maybe he isn’t overprotective at all - he’s just a busy person. Maybe he’s a busy professional that needs to leave his pup at home sometimes.

Whatever the case may be, a dog camera is a nice addition to any dog Dad’s home.

They work as remote treat dispensers mostly. With a small HD camera, you can see the dog from wherever you are using a smartphone. In-built microphones allow you to talk to the dog from a distance if you pick up on any distress. Most dog cameras allow the user to dispense food or treats to keep their dog calm and happy while they are away. 

This will surely put any overprotective dog Dad at ease!

The one drawback here is the cost. This is one of the more expensive Father’s Day gifts on this list. If you have the budget, the dog Dad in your life will love it - I guarantee!

4. Matching Masks & Dog Bandanas

Dog wearing a bandana

Does the dog Dad in your life pride himself on his appearance and fashion sense?

A matching shirt set may be a little twee, but matching masks and dog bandanas are just cool enough.

The reason being that dog bandanas can come in some very cool patterns and styles. Almost every colour under the sun is covered.

And masks? Well, masks are just a fact of life post-2020. We are seeing people customise their masks more and more to fit their personal style. That’s what makes this Father’s Day gift so thoughtful.

It doesn’t need to be painfully obvious either. A simple black reusable mask paired with a black dog bandana matches without feeling “matchy-matchy” if you know what I mean. It fits most situations and yet still gives off the energy that they are a well-groomed pair when they walk down the street together.

Likewise, you could go with a simple plaid option that also fits the style of most men.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. Stylish dog dads will love this!

5. Dog Backpack

For the guys who love to hike with their dog or cycle often, a dog backpack could be the perfect solution for Father’s Day!

With a dog backpack, any doggy Dad can hike or cycle with his pooch over longer distances. Their pup is safe and securely strapped to his back. He can literally take his dog to new heights!

They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. There are box style ones that work best for cycling and travelling. There are front-attached dog backpacks that are best suited for slow walks and hikes. The creme de la creme are the backpacks that are slim-fit and hug against your back. These are lightweight and suit most situations.

Bear in mind that only certain dog breeds will suit doggy backpacks. Of course, this is a bad idea for a dog Dad with a trusty St Bernard. There’s no way that chunky dog is going on his back - no matter how strong he is. But for the sporty Dad with a loyal, small canine companion, this is a thoughtful option. You are enabling Dad and dog to take more adventures together. He will surely appreciate you for that!

Final Thoughts - Don’t Buy Him Socks Again

I hope this list of fun, thoughtful Father’s Day presents for all the doggy Dads out there was helpful to you!

When it comes to gifting, the very best thing you can do is to show the recipient that you know them. Showing that you see how much they love and care for their dog will warm any dog father’s heart.

Let’s make this the year that we avoid buying socks.

Olivia De Santos

Olivia De Santos is Gentle Dog Trainers Canine Coach, Professional Writer and Video Content Creator.

Olivia has over 10 years of experience writing professionally and is a dog Mum to Pip, her Podengo and Blue, her Flat-coated Retriever. She loves writing pieces to help people to be better dog owners.

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