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The 8 Best Dachshund Themed Gifts Ideas Australia

Written By Olivia De Santos | Canine Coach, Professional Writer & Video Content Creator.
Edited & Fact Checked By Renae Soppe | Double B.A Journalism & Science. 
Last Updated: 8th January 2024

If you have a Dachshund lover in your life, then you’re in the right place! These quiet little sausages have become incredibly popular over the past few years. This means that there’s a whole host of Dachshund paraphernalia on the market, ready to gift to the sausage-dog lover in your circle.

This is your ultimate guide to Dachshund themed gifts in Australia.

To uncover the best Dachshund-inspired gifts out there, we teamed up with veterinarians, canine behaviourists and Doxie parents alike to form our own independent panel of experts. We then spent months tracking down and testing the best Dachshund themed gifts and accessories Australia has to offer.

These are the amazing items we found.

Australia's Best Dachshund Themed Gifts Reviewed

Now that we’ve discovered the types of gifts your friend or family member may appreciate, let’s dive into the recommendations hand-picked by our team of independent experts. There are plenty of cool options to choose from in Australia, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

1. Dachshund Posters/Wall Art

Dachshund Poster

Remember those “hang in there” cat posters? It’s easy to find some quirky and interesting wall art with sausage dogs on them. It could be inspirational with thought-provoking quotes. It could be a minimalist line drawing with artistic flair. Perhaps it could be a vintage style movie poster or a dainty watercolour. It all goes back to knowing the recipient of the gift well to choose which type of print or artwork they’ll most enjoy. If in doubt, keep it relatively simple.

2. Dachshund-Themed Apparel

Jumpers. T-shirts. Caps. Jackets. You can get some super cool sausage-dog themed apparel on Etsy and other retailers. There are some unique printed pieces or even embroidered ones. Think about the type of clothing that your friend wears and how a doggy theme could fit. If in doubt, pyjamas and large sweaters are easy wins. Just ensure you get a good size match for them, and they’ll love the novelty item. Tote bags are also universally liked for the most part as they’re so useful and chic.

3. Dachshund Figurines

I’d say that figurines and statues are for a very specific type of collector. Not everyone loves having small art pieces in their home. You need to have a keen eye to see if your loved one would appreciate a mini ceramic Dachshund as a gift. Do they have figurines or statues on display anywhere? Do they have a fireplace mantlepiece that a figurine can proudly sit on?

Figurines are just clutter to some but pure treasures for others. Know your recipient to make the best choice!

4. Dachshund-Themed Kitchenware

Vintage Dachshund stationary

From kitchen tongs to sweetcorn holders, mugs to aprons, the kitchen lover will enjoy the odd novelty piece here and there. A mug is the safest bet as both a useful item and a fun addition to anyone’s collection. You can be sure that the recipient will get a lot of use out of a Dachshund-themed mug. Whereas sweetcorn holders for someone who never barbecues or eats sweetcorn on the cob would just collect dust.

5. Dachshund-Themed Stationery

As a writer, I love pretty paper! Stationery is a great gift for anyone who takes notes regularly. The best part of buying stationery for a stationery lover is that they’ll always appreciate another addition to their collection. You can never have enough notebooks, pens or calendars. We, stationery addicts, will find a use for it all - promise! So have a search for Dachshund notebooks or hardback journals. For the person who loves to scribble, this is a beautiful, memorable gift!

6. Dachshund Face Masks

Let’s be honest. In the post-pandemic world, we all now have a collection of face masks. A Dachshund themed face mask may just brighten the day of one of your dog-loving friends! However, pick your audience carefully here. This won’t go down well with absolutely everyone.

7. Dachshund-Themed Jewellery

There are beautiful sausage-dog themed jewellery pieces on the market. Not just earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but also rings, cufflinks and jewellery stand. Etsy is a great place to find custom, one-of-a-kind items from smaller jewellers. Heed the advice I gave earlier about buying jewellery. I will only invest in this idea if I truly know the recipient and can choose a piece I’m confident they’ll enjoy.

8. Dachshund Merchandise For The Home

Here we have keyring’s which are always a winner. Doorstops, welcome mats, coasters, and placemats are all generally well-received too. There are sausage-dog themed salt and pepper shakers, ice cube trays and toilet roll holders. Everything possible exists in Dachshund form - I guarantee it!

When choosing a helpful household item, stick to sleek designs that can match a wide range of decor. Also, choose an item that makes sense for the person’s living circumstances. For example, coasters might work better for someone who is sharing with housemates as they can use them for personal use. Salt and pepper shakers, not so much.

How To Find The Right Sausage Dog Gifts For Your Loved One

Gifting is an art form. I make it sound like serious business but to me, it is. A gift is an opportunity to show someone you love and care for them enough to truly get to know them. This is where you display your knowledge of their wants and needs. This is where you show you’ve listened to them.  You can mess up royally by getting someone a gift that wouldn’t align with who they are.

You’ve done well to identify that your friend or family member loves Dachshunds. But as you’ll see below, there are plenty of different types of dachshund merchandise out there. You still need to be mindful of your loved one’s personality and wants to make the right purchase for them.

If you want to get it right, here are our team of independent experts' top tips for gifting well:

1. Think about their favourite hobbies

If your friend is a surfer, how about a Dachshund printed beach towel or surfboard decal? Got a friend who loves to paint? There’s bound to be a paint by numbers set out there with a Dachshund as the subject. Tap into your loved one’s creativity and favourite things and apply the Dachshund theme to it.

2. Think of useful items that will brighten their routine

Tea towels with dachshunds on them are a super cute idea for the person who loves being in the kitchen. An apron would be lovely for them too. Keyrings are one of those useful trinkets that are almost universally appreciated as a little stocking filler type gift. There are plenty of cute Dachshund-themed ones on the market to choose from. 

3. Be very careful with jewellery

Though jewellery can be well received, you need to know your friend/family member well. Do they wear silver jewellery or gold? Large hoops or delicate studs? Statement pieces or demure classic staples?

There’s so much themed jewellery out there. The only way to get this right is to keep your friend’s taste at the forefront of your mind. You don’t want to buy them novelty jewellery that they’ll never wear. You also want to be mindful of cheap metals. Many people have severe reactions to non-precious metals. This isn’t the case for everyone but it’s not fun to be gifted jewellery that could turn your skin green. If you can afford at least silver- or gold-plated jewellery, that is safer than nickel or other metals that can cause unsightly rashes.

4. If you can, match the gift to their Dachshund

This presumes that your loved one has a Dachshund at home. They could just be obsessed and not actually own one. I’m the same with birds. I have them tattooed everywhere but I will never own a bird. If your friend does have a little sausage dog at home, it’s nice to match the gift to their pup.

Find a gift with the same-coloured dog printed on it or even a gift you can personalise with a photo of their dog. This small touch instantly connects the gift to your friend’s life. They’ll appreciate it so much more. 

5. Consider getting a gift for the Dachshund (if they have one)

Another route you can take is to buy a gift for the dog. Let’s say you go through the list below and nothing particularly speaks to you as being a fitting gift for them. Or maybe this is a new friend that you don’t know well enough. Buying a gift for the dog is a safe bet. It could be a colourful collar, chew toy or dog treats.

There’s a great range of dog apparel products to choose from that are suitable for small dogs like Dachshund. You can have a look at our review article for more ideas of what you could get. 

My Final Thoughts

There is a whole world of trinkets out there for people who are obsessed with Dachshunds, and the items above are just a few that our team of independent experts loved best. To ensure that your gift is truly appreciated, make sure you think carefully about how the gift is going to fit into the recipient’s life. Show them that you know them with this thoughtful memento of their love for dogs!

Olivia De Santos

Olivia De Santos is Gentle Dog Trainers Canine Coach, Professional Writer and Video Content Creator.

Olivia has over 10 years of experience writing professionally and is a dog Mum to Pip, her Podengo and Blue, her Flat-coated Retriever. She loves writing pieces to help people to be better dog owners.

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